The diet support drops that we recommend are best utilized on Dr. Simeons' HCG Protocol diet. The protocol is a set of instructions on how to use the oral drops in your diet. There are 4 phases to the diet: loading, losing, stabilizing and maintaining. Each phase requires a certain set of foods in order to get your body to respond properly to the healthy, low carb, low fat diet. Full Instructions, e-mail support, meal plans,  and 4 e-books are supplied with each purchase. All products are FDA Complient and have Health Canada NPN Registration.

We are Located in British Columbia Canada. We ship by Canada Post Express to Canadian Customers. US and International sales are filled by our US Partner.Our site is priced in Canadian Funds. US sales will convert to Canadian at the Checkout.

Holistic Weightloss Consultants Utilising:-
Dr A.T. Simeons Origial HCG Protocal, and
Dr. Zach LaBoube's NEW HCG-2.0

$ 120.00 30 Day

$ 220.00 60 Day

$ 85.00 30 Day

$ 160.00 60 Day

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$ 59.00 30 Day
$ 85.00 60 Day

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$ 95.00 30 Day
$ 180.00 60 Day

Comox Valley HCG

Healthy Holistic weight loss support products.

We are the Exclusive Tree 4 Life Canadian Distributor.

$ 65.00 30 Day
$ 105.00 60 Day