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Icannot thank Stephen and Cathy enough for helping me turn my life around. Their continuing support has made this experience much easier for me.  I was inspired by my longtime friend who did the hcg protocol 2 years ago and has kept the weight off, she looks amazing! I have lost 60 lbs in 3 months, by eating healthier than I ever have in my life. I no longer take blood pressure medication and my doctor was blown away by my transformation as am I. I'm still not tired of the endless compliments i get on how young and healthy I look. Happier and healthier and never looking back! Thanks again Stephen and Cathy for giving me my life back.  Jackie Bell. Comox Valley BC. Canada

My life has been full of many ups and downs, my weight being one of them. After leaving a dangerous marriage and fighting addictions I had through it...my weight sky rocketed to an agonizing 167lbs.167lbs - 140lbs Being not quite 5' tall, this devastated me! I had to two precious girls and 3 jobs at one point struggling to make things work on my own.I met a wonderful man who I have been married to now for 5 yrs. We have since had my 3rd daughter which didn't help with my self image :-( I didn't even recognize the woman looking back at me in the mirror. For two winters I would start weight watchers. Lose about 18lbs and then be unable to afford to continue to go, or taking care of my family would just get in the way of that weekly outing.
I had all but given up on finding the Chelsea I knew that was hiding underneath all of this pudge...then my mother and father in law introduced me to HCG. We saw my father in law for the first time in just under a yr and I barely recognized him! Amazing! My mom in law too! He was down 160 and she down 35. From there...the rest is history. Our entire family has lost nearly 1,000 lbs!
Most important to me though is my uncle Dan. He has been a friend and companion to me my entire life. We are so close and I share a bond with him that I can't explain. His father died very young of a heartattack. My entire life I have feared for Dan's life as he struggled with his weight. He became 'Uncle Buck' to my children as he looked exactly like John Candy in that show. John Candy's death hastened my fear that we could lose my uncle....
But.....thankfully! As he saw my weight loss and my mom's he started asking questions. Now 3.5 months later...guess what?!! I have my uncle back! He is full of life, energy, smiles! I am so thankful that HCG has given him a second chance! All of us a second chance, at living a different life!
I run a salon and my clients after seeing the change in me have become HCG users as well. I have just purchased my first distribution order from you so I can pay our success forward and offer this opportunity to others as well! The part I look most forward to is giving others their 'uncles' and fathers and mothers, and themselves back! I feel honored to be a part of the HCG team!
I am on maintenance now...sitting at 140 and I have a goal of 125 which I know I will reach when I start my last round next week! Thank you  from my heart! And from my family!!!

Our Story of Gratitude, from Cindi & Wil Metzger.  112lbs Combined loss.
After a couple pauses after the first 26 days (always remaining on maintenance) and a refill order we have lost 112 pounds collectively (62 for Cindi, 50 for Wil) My (Cindi's) doctor recommended HCGdiet.com on my annual visit in October, 2010, because she and her daughter had had success with the plan. I filed away the knowledge and when the end of year holidays were approaching thought more and more about it. I discussed it with my husband, Wil, who also had 50+ pounds to lose, and we decided to 'go for it'! We made our first order (26-day for him, 40-day for me) and began using the drops on January 31, 2011. After a couple pauses after the first 26 days (always remaining on maintenance) and a refill order we have lost 112 pounds collectively (62 for Cindi, 50 for Wil) and are feeling and looking terrific! I went from a tight size 22 to a roomy 16 (@ 5'9"), and Wil is wearing 34" waist jeans (@ 6'2") for the first time in we can't remember how long. I have already had the strength of my blood pressure and cholesterol medications reduced by 50% and hope to eliminate them before too long. Because we had not said much about being on the plan we actually had friends and co-workers become concerned that we were ill when they noticed how much weight we had lost, and after sharing our success with them several have started on the HCGdiet.com plan as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU for this wonderful product, all the support and the terrific recipes in our initial guide book

I struggled with my weight later on in life. 235lbs - 165lbs !... I was raised an athlete, my weight was under control. However with college came freedom and I ate what everyone else ate, junk. Over the next decade of my life…I found myself miserable, in a bad relationship, and continuing to gain weight. No matter what I succeeded in I could not find happiness, and the weight continued to pile on. Everything came to a peak in 2010. I was injured in the line of duty as a correctional officer, during an inmate disturbance, and needed back surgery. I was later informed I would be unable to return to my position as a peace officer. For most of 2010 I was depressed, unable to exercise, participate in sports, or return to the job I loved, so I did what I knew best, I ate. A lot. In 2011, three months before my 30th birthday I decided that an extreme change was needed if I was ever going to be happy. I visited my aunt, and was astonished that she had lost 50 pounds and looked amazing. She informed me that she used the HCG Diet and had kept off the weight. I decided this was it. I was going to change my life and lose this decade of miserable fat. I started at an unbelievable 235 pounds, how had I let it get this far? After starting the diet I developed a renewed sense of self and goal orientation. Most people doubted me, told me I was crazy, I wouldn't succeed, that I would gain it all back plus more. Their negativity increased my motivation and drive. After two 40 day rounds, I weighed 170 pounds, and am currently back to my high school weight, continuing to lose inches and maintaining at 165 pounds. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 8. A size I never even thought possible in high school! 70 pounds of fat and misery gone. The ones who doubted my success are the ones now asking me for dieting advice and for the www.hcgdiet.com information. I spend a great amount of time counseling friends and family on how to be successful on the HCG diet, and how to maintain a healthy life style after. So far I have referred 20 of my close friends and acquaintances with life changing results for each of them. Even a perfect stranger, (who works at the plus size store I used to shop at,) was inspired my weight loss and has also lost over 70 lbs on the HCG diet. Now not only do I carry a sense of accomplishment for myself, I also feel pride in being an inspiration, and helping hand to others. Thank You for giving me my life back! B.F.

   In the beginning of 2009 I began to use vibrationally charged (not homeopathic) HCG drops to take off the weight I had gained over several years.  A year earlier I had been diagnosed with andropause, which means that my body wasn't producing testosterone.  The weight came off quite easily but I also discovered the reversal of the symptoms of andropause.  Now I'm assured that my body is producing a balance of hormones that it requires.  I personally plan on using a maintenance level of vibrationally charged (not homeopathic) HCG because it is inexpensive and safe.  The difference has been astounding! 
Dennis W., Las Vegas, NV

     I have been a "Professional" dieter who has yo-yoed with my weight for the past 20 years.  I have tried every diet, pill or latest fad I could find to lose weight. Nothing worked. Even Weight Watchers didn't  work for me anymore.  Needless to say, I was very skeptical when a heard about this diet from a friend of mine!  As I did the research I was reminded that I had been praying about this issue and that this could be an answer to my prayer.  I was directed to the website where I saw Lynnie's picture and saw how she went from a size 12 to a size 4 in 2 months.  I couldn't believe how awesome she looked!  After doing a lot of research though, I found that HCG is very safe and that doctors have been using this for weight loss since the 1950's. I started getting excited that I would not only be able to lose the weight, but now I'd finally be able to keep it off!  I read testimonies of individuals who did this diet 2,5, or even 10 years ago who had kept the weight off!  I saw that this diet would work for anyone who would stick to the diet.  I figured that if I could have those kinds of results that I could stick to any diet plan. I was convinced this would work for me so I ordered the product. Since I had tried so many diets, I decided not to tell anyone until I had results for myself.
     The results: This diet worked so well that I lost 17 pounds in 11 days, with a total of  35 pounds during the first Phase (43 days).  I now have lost 45 pounds and feel amazing!  The diet is easy to follow and I have more than enough to eat.  When I had been on the diet for 2 weeks I did a conference and  still had an abundance of energy when I was done.  This is a miracle! I feel as if I could run a marathon.  Honestly I haven't felt this good in 20 years.
     Quite a number of my friends are now using HCG and are having awesome success as well.  A female friend just lost 15 pounds in a week and a male friend lost 18 pounds in the first week. One of my friends only needed to lose about 5 pounds. She also started a week ago and is excited as she put on a pair of jeans today that were very tight before. Now they fit really well!  This works great for men and women, no matter how much weight they want to lose! Many people are using it just for the hormonal balancing and benefits after they lose the excess weight.  
     Everywhere I go now people are asking me what I'm doing because I look so great and I'm able to direct them to this website.  This is a Blessing from God!  I am so grateful to Brent and Melissa for helping people know about how this product can turn their dreams into reality.  
Thanks so much!
Angela K. in Atlanta, GA

     I have tried almost every diet. I just finished my first round and lost 23 pounds.  I am pleased with it and I feel GREAT!! My knees are even Thanking me. I’m getting ready to do a second round and I know my weightloss will be greater as I know what I can and cannot do.
Love it , 
Denise L. in Atlanta, GA

     I have to say that I was very skeptical about this diet. After the first week though, I knew this would work for me. It is an easy diet to follow especially when you see the results EVERY day. I am already down 23 pounds. No other diet has worked like this for me. It is really an unbelievable blessing to my weight loss struggle.
T.Cannon, GA

     I love this diet, I have more energy than I had in my 20’s.  After having a baby about a year ago I was having trouble losing the last 10 pounds and this was the boost I needed to lose that and more. I’ve lost 19 pounds  and I feel sexy again.  I didn’t lose faith that I’d be thin again but I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly!  I'm smaller now than even my pre-pregnancy weight.
A.K. Cranor in Atlanta, GA

     I was having trouble losing the 10 extra pounds I had gained from just being happy.  I had gotten spoiled from eating what I wanted for years but it caught up with me and all my clothes became way too tight.  I have always been thought of as a thin person but it doesn’t feel so good when you can’t wear some of your favorite outfits.  I started to get really frustrated when all my old dieting tricks didn’t work anymore… Increase the exercise, eat less, drink more water, etc.  So….then came HCG.  Once I got on HCG I lost all 10 pounds and now fit back in all my clothes….some are even too big!  One of the greatest things about the HCG program is that I also learned how to cook healthier and make better choices about what to eat. 
Amanda in Atlanta, GA

     I have been tired of living a dieted lifestyle, meaning that I didn't eat red meat or desserts except for on a special occasion.  Usually I could work out more and cut my food portions down and lose the extra 8 to 10 pounds I had gained.  However, once I turned 40 that no longer worked.  Had I not seen my friend lose a large amount of weight I wouldn't have believed that this would work for me.  I am so glad I did this though because I lost 12 pounds in 17 days.  I feel great physically and have alot of energy.  Not only did  I lose pounds, but the inches as well.  I'm so excited that I can fit back into my skinny clothes and look great in my swimsuit.  My husband and I thank Brent and Melissa for this!  :)
Kimberley in Atlanta, GA